Siemens Q120DFP AFCI/GFCI Combination Circuit Breaker, 120 VAC, 20 A, 10 kA Interrupt, 1 Pole, Thermal Magnetic Trip

Combination Circuit Breakers
980728 MFG #: Q120DFP
66.12000 / ea
Two state-of-the-art technologies combined in one device. Introducing the Dual Function Circuit Breaker that provides Arc Fault and Ground Fault protection in one device.A device that tests itself. Testing GFCIs and AFCIs on a monthly basis is a good idea that is sometimes forgotten. Now the new Self Test & Lockout feature enables the Dual Function Circuit Breaker to automatically and continuously test itself to ensure that it is working properly. If it is detected that the device has been compromised, the device trips itself and locks out the homeowner from resetting the device, reducing the possibility of the homeowner incorrectly assuming that the device was tripped to prevent a ground/arc fault. This effortless system guarantees that only the best protection is given to your home at all times.
  • Features
Self test and lockout feature
Saving time, ease of installation
Saving money, two safety devices combined into one
LED trip indicator for easier troubleshooting
Both lugs at the same angle for easier wiring
14 to 8 AWG (Cu)/12 to 10 AWG (Al) wire