• Features
Epoxy encapsulated (50 - 750 VA), epoxy resin impregnated (1 - 5 KVA)
Completely seals the transformer coils against moisture, dust, dirt and industrial contaminants for maximum protection in hostile and industrial environments
Fuse clips (most models), factory mounted for integral fusing on the secondary side to save panel space, save wiring time and save the cost of buying an add-on fuse block or kit
Integrally molded barriers, between terminals and transformer, protect against electrical creepage, up to 30% greater terminal contact area permits low-loss connections, extra-deep barriers reduce the chance of shorts from frayed leads or careless wiring
Terminals, molded into the transformer, are difficult to break during wiring, a full quarter-inch of thread on the 10-32 terminal screws prevents stripping and pullout
Jumpers supplied, two jumper links are standard with all transformers which can be wired for dual primary voltages
Laminations are built with silicon steel to minimize core losses and to increase optimum performance and efficiency
Insulation materials are of the highest rating available for the temperature class
Robust design
208/230/460, 200/220/440, 240/480 VAC primary volt
24 x 115, 23 x 110, 25 x 120 VAC secondary volt
0.29 amps max at 240 VAC