• Features
Convenient side access field power wiring
Contact position indication when button protrudes, contact is closed
A simple kit easily converts electrically held units to mechanically held and includes a 2 or 3-wire control module
Standard base enables contactor to be field expandable for flexibility and future needs
Power poles can easily be added at any time based on changing needs
Furthermore, they may be converted from NO to NC (or vice versa) simply by repositioning
Plug-in auxiliary contacts are NO when installed on the left side of the contactor, NC on the right
Finger and back of hand safe terminals
Used in all applications where either electrically or mechanically held contactors are specifically suited and also ideal for maximum flexibility and future expansion
Rated for tungsten lighting (incandescent filament), ballast lighting (fluorescent, HID, metal halide, mercury vapor, quartz halogen and sodium lamp), resistive and general use loads
Contacts are rated up to 30 A at 600 VAC
Can be ordered as either electrically or mechanically held and can also be converted from electrically to mechanically held in the field with a simple conversion kit
Modular design enables you to stock the building block components to assemble all configurations of both the electrically and mechanically held contactors thus dramatically reducing inventory
Full line of factory and field modifications
115 to 120 VAC at 60 Hz, 110 VAC at 50 Hz coil voltage