• Features
16 process push-in terminal
Circuit breaker with type B or C tripping characteristic
117 mm H x 15 mm W x 35 mm D
Faultproof color coding of the spring NC contacts for better orientation in the terminal panel
Replacement of I/O modules during operation without affecting the wiring
Operation with module gaps
Automatic coding of the I/O modules prevents destruction of the electronics if a module is accidentally inserted in the wrong slot during replacement
Self-assembling shielded backplane bus
Multi-layer conductor plate with shield levels for interference-free signal transmission from the terminal to the I/O module
System integrated, space-saving shield connection for quick installation
Self-assembling potential groups without external wiring or jumpers
Replaceable terminal box
Side by side latching of the bus for high mechanical and EMC loads
Bridged to the left
Without auxiliary terminal