SensorSwitch™ WSRA 2P FAN IV Wall Switch Sensor with Light and Fan

Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors
1312703 MFG #: WSRA 2P
58.33000 / ea
The WSX 2P FAN is a Wall Switch Decorator style Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor that controls a lighting load and an exhaust fan. While similar in functionality to standard dual relay sensors, the WSX 2P FAN ASHRT sensor provides a minimum fan run-time setting so that air circulation requirements (such as ASHRAE 62. 2) can be met without sacrificing energy savings. Utilizing two isolated power relays, the WSX 2P FAN is factory set to automatically turn both the lighting and fan load on when initial occupancy is detected. The settings of the WSX 2P FAN sensor can be programmed, without removing the switch plate, by entering simple command sequences via the push-buttons.
  • Features
PIR Occupancy Detection
Interchangeable Hot & Load Wires -Impossible to Wire Backwards
Labeled Buttons (Light / Fan)
Small Motion Detection to 20 ft (6.10 m)
White LED Indicator
Two Self Contained Relays -No Power Packs needed