Schneider ElectricAltivar 12 ATV12H075F1 Variable Speed Drive, 100/120 VAC, 4.2 A, 1 hp, 4.13 in W x 6.15 in D

AC Variable Frequency Drives
511022 MFG #: ATV12H075F1
Schneider Electric
436.54000 / ea
Schneider Electric ATV12H075F1 AC Drive, 1 HP, 115v in, 230v out,0.75kW,115Vac 1-Phase,230Vac 3-Phase,Altivar 12,Altivar 12,IP20,Modbus,set of 1,Modbus,simple machine,single phase,variable speed drive
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Asynchronous motors;Simple machine;
Voltage/frequency ratio (V/f);quadratic voltage/frequency ratio;sensorless flux vector control;Terminal 5.5 mm², AWG 10 L1, L2, L3, U, V, W, PA, PC);Set of 1;Line supply overvoltage;line supply undervoltage;overcurrent between output phases and earth;overheating protection;short-circuit between motor phases;against input phase loss in three-phase;thermal motor protection via the drive by continuous calculation of I²t;Internal supply for reference potentiometer 5 V DC 4.75-5.25 V), <10 mA overload and short-circuit protection;internal supply for logic inputs 24 V DC 20.4-28.8 V), <100 mA overload and short-circuit protection
Flexible cable design