Schneider Electric LRD08 TeSys™ D-Line Thermal Overload Relay, 2.5 to 4 A, 1NO-1NC Contact Form

Overload Relay
54794 MFG #: LRD08
60.00000 / ea

Schneider Electric LRD08 BIMETALLIC OVERLOAD RELAY 600V 4A IEC,-20C to 60C without derating,10A control circutry,1NO and 1NC,2.5-4A,2.5A to 4.0A,3,600VAC,D09-D29,Direct or Standalone with separate mounting,IEC Bimetal Overload relay, Class 10 with single phase sensitivity 2.5-4A,Manual or Auto,Overload Relay,TeSys,TeSys D contactors or Standalone.,Thermal - Ambient Compensated Bi-Metallic/Differential Class 10 with Single Phase Sens.,UL, CSA
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For TeSys™ D contactors or standalone
Ambient compensated
Bi-metallic/differential trip
Trip class 10 with single phase sensitivity
Direct on under contactor mounting, plate with specific accessories, rail with specific accessories