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Complex machines
Voltage/frequency ratio, 5 points;flux vector control without sensor, standard;voltage/frequency ratio - Energy Saving, quadratic U/f;flux vector control without sensor - Energy Saving;voltage/frequency ratio, 2 points;Positive logic (source);negative logic (sink);Input phase breaks drive;overcurrent between output phases and earth drive;overheating protection drive;short-circuit between motor phases drive;thermal protection drive
Control of asynchronous and synchronous motors; including IE2 loop, IE3 and PM motors in open
MachineStruxure integration in SoMachine™
Operation in velocity mode and torque control (with current limitation)
Customizable and flexible application functions with ATV logic (up to 50 Function blocks)
Numerous application functions for targeted application segments
Embedded safety functions dedicated to targeted application segments
1 hp for heavy duty horsepower rating
3.6 A at 380 VAC, 2.8 A at 500 VAC for heavy duty amperage rating