Sandvik Coromant 5726560 CoroTurn® XS, CXS-04R058-4215R 1025, CXS-xxR Insert, Solid Carbide, 0.0314 in Max Depth of Cut, M/N/P/S

CXS Profiling Inserts
491604 MFG #: 5726560
Sandvik Coromant
48.88000 / ea
Sandvik Coromant Profiling Tool, Series: CoroTurn® XS, CXS-xxR Insert, 0.0314 in Maximum Depth of Cut, 0.1653 in Inscribed Circle, 0.1161 in Width, 1.3378 in Length, ANSI Code: CXS-04R058-4215R 1025, 0.0228 in Corner Radius, Manufacturer's Grade: 1025, 2 deg Relief Angle, Right Hand, Solid Carbide, PVD Coated, Material Grade: M/N/P/S
  • Features
Precision ground tools are perfect when producing small internal features with high-quality
The large variety of adapters fits most types of machines
CoroTurn® XS is a system for solid carbide tools designed for exact cutting edge position, enabling high precision and repeatability in turning machining
Optimized for machining small, high-quality features
High precision and repeatability
Reliable and easy-to use clamping system
Solid carbide boring bar fits precisely into the adapter with a locating pin
Rigid clamping with increased stability with collet clamped adapters
Longer tool life by minimized micro vibrations
Clamping nut ensures easy change of cutting tool
14.415 mm usable length to cutting item reference point
18 mm overhang
0 deg major cutting edge
+/-0.02 mm corner radius tolerance
1.95 mm W functional
ANSI Code: CXS-04R058-4215R 1025
ISO Code: CXS-04R058-4215R 1025