SIE 3TH4244-0AK6 120 RELAY 4NO-4NC

Control Relays
15257 MFG #: 3TH4244-0AK6
443.70000 / ea
SIE 3TH4244-0AK6 120 RELAY 4NO-4NC
  • Features
4 NO 4NC contacts
High contact stability at low voltages and currents as a result of double break contacts
Contactor relays can be equipped with RC elements, varistors, diodes or diode assemblies (combination of a diode and a Zener diode) for damping opening surges
The surge suppressors can be mounted directly on the coil
The off delay times of the NO contacts and the on delay times of the NC contacts increase if the contactor coils are attenuated against voltage peaks
10 A at 230 VAC/6 A at 400 VAC AC-15 contact rating