• Features
Equipped with modern, ergonomic user prompting the 3RW44 softstarters can be commissioned quickly and easily using a keypad and a menu prompted, multi-line graphic display with background lighting
Soft starting with breakaway pulse, torque control or voltage ramp, adjustable torque or current limiting as well as any combination of these, depending on load type
Integrated bypass contact system to minimize power loss
Various setting options for the starting parameters such as starting torque, starting voltage, ramp up and ramp down time and much more in three separate parameter sets
Start up detection, inside delta circuit for savings in terms of size and equipment costs
Various ramp down modes selectable, free ramp down, torque controlled pump ramp down, combined DC braking
Solid state motor overload and intrinsic device protection
Interface for communication with the PC for more accurate setting of the parameters as well as for control and monitoring
Simple integration to the motor feeder
Simple mounting and commissioning
Display of operating states and fault messages
Connection to PROFIBUS and PROFINET with optional PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET module
External display and operator module
External display and operator module
Cost-efficient operation Reduction of current peaks, Avoidance of mains voltage fluctuations during starting, Reduced load on the power supply network, Reduction of the mechanical load in the operating mechanism
Considerable space savings and reduced wiring compared with conventional starters, Maintenance-free switching, Very easy handling
Soft starting/ramp-down, voltage ramp, torque control, integral bypass contact system, intrinsic device protection, motor overload protection, thermistor motor protection, integrated remote reset, adjustable current limiting, inside-delta circuit, breakaway pulse, creep speed in both directions of rotation and pump ramp-down applications
Screw fixing mounting
433 A at 40 deg C Current
125 hp at 200/208 V 372 A, 150 hp at 220/230 V 372 A, 300 hp at 460/480 V 372 A