SIE 3RK31221AC00 MSS ASIsafe Extended - Screw

PLC Specialized Modules
747664 MFG #: 3RK31221AC00
1202.85000 / ea
SIE 3RK31221AC00 MSS ASIsafe Extended - Screw
  • Features
Emergency stop, protective door monitoring, protective door monitoring with tumbler, muting, 2-sensor parallel, muting, 4-sensor parallel, muting, 4-sensor sequential, monitoring parameterizable, electro-sensitive protective equipment, selector, two hand operator panel, enabling switch evaluation, pressure sensitive mat monitoring, monitored start-up, two hand control acc to EN 574 function
300 function blocks typical, 300 VAC insulation voltage rated, 3 deg of pollution
2500 VAC surge voltage resistance rated, 1.685 A consumed current for rated value of supply voltage
185 mA without semiconductor output, IP20 enclosure and terminal protection class
15 g/11 ms shock-resistance, 1000 1/hr operating frequency maximum, 5 to 500 Hz, 0.75 mm vibration resistance according to IEC 60068-2-6
Suitability for use monitoring of floating sensors, monitoring of non-floating sensors, position switch monitoring, emergency off circuit monitoring, valve monitoring, opto-electronic protection device monitoring, proximity switch monitoring, safety related circuits
64 bit for input and output with PROFIBUS-DP®
Parameterizable inputs, parameterizable outputs product function
4 safety related, 4 non-safety-related inputs, 2 safety related 2-channel, 2 for testing contact based sensors outputs
0 to 150 ms input delay time 420 ms recovery time of the safe outputs
Vertical snap mounted to DIN rail/screw mounted with additional push-in lug mounting type
20 to 14 AWG solid and stranded number as coded connectable conductor cross-section
100 Ohm DC resistance of the cable maximum
Finger safe protection against electrical shock
-40 to 85 deg C storage/transport
70 to 106 kPa air pressure according to SN 31205