• Features
Integrated functionality, permanent wiring, easy replacement
1.5 kW at 400 VAC, 2.2 kW at 500 VAC, 3kW at 690 VAC
3.6 A at 400 VAC, 3.9 A at 500 VAC, 3.8 A at 690 VAC
3/4 hp at 200/208 VAC, 3/4 hp at 220/230 VAC, 2 hp at 460/480 VAC, 3 hp at 575/600 VAC
Greater productivity through automatic device reset in case of overload and differentiated detection of overload and short circuit
Easy checking of the wiring and testing of the motor direction prior to start up thanks to optional control kits
Speedy replacement of devices thanks to removable terminals with spring type and screw connections in the main and control circuit
Efficient power distribution through the related SIRIUS infeed system for 3RA6
Direct connection of the motor feeder cable to the SIRIUS infeed system for 3RA6 thanks to integrated PE bar
Connecting and looping through incoming feeders up to a cross section of 70 sq-mm
Integration in totally integrated automation thanks to the optional connection to AS-interface or IO-Link