SIRIUS 3RA2 Fuseless Load Feeder Starter, 24 VDC Coil, 3 Poles, IP20 Enclosure

671534 MFG #: 3RA21201HA240BB4
435.78000 / ea
The 3RA2 fuseless load feeders consist of the 3RV2 motor starter protector and the 3RT2 electromechanical contactor. The devices are electrically and mechanically connected using preassembled assembly kits (link modules, wiring kits and standard mounting rail or busbar adapters). Around 500 preassembled 3RA2 combinations of these innovative 3RT2 controls and 3RV2 protection equipment can be ordered for direct on line and reversing starting of standard three phase motors up to 32 A (approximately 15 kW/400 VAC). In the 3RA2 load feeder, the 3RV2 motor starter protector is responsible for overload and short-circuit protection. Back up protective devices, such as melting fuses or limiters, are superfluous here, as the motor starter protector is short circuit proof up to 150 kA at 400 VAC.
  • Features
Minimum planning and assembly work and far less wiring with the preassembled complete units
Plug-in connectors from the motor starter protector to all types of SIRIUS controls, for quicker and error free assembly of feeders with screw and spring type connection
High planning reliability through consistent combination tests for fuseless and fused configuration
High operational reliability through short circuit breaking capacity of 150 kA with type of coordination 1 and 2
Spring type connection possible throughout enhanced operational reliability and less wiring work thanks to plug-in connections
Power loss 5 to 10% smaller than for comparable devices, hence lower energy consumption
Connection of feeders to the control system through standardized system connection, for fast integration in TIA and less wiring work