Single Pole Plugs
852397 MFG #: HBL15FBK
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
56.24000 / ea
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems products have long set the standard for innovation, performance, safety and reliability. Our continuing success is born from the philosophy of never leaving well enough alone. We believe we can always make our products better and the record shows we have. Temporary power installations are unique and unpredictable and therefore are very demanding. The most critical mission is to keep the equipment running. Hubbell devices have the proven reliability to deliver secure connections allowing you to focus attention on what matters most. Hubbell Single Pole devices are extremely durable. The double cam contact design can stand up to repeated mating and un-mating. The added protection of UL Type 4X, 12 environmental rating stands up to the most abusive environments. The engineered body design makes installation simple with no need for additional tools and the non-metallic retaining screw helps to make operation safe for all involved.
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Temporary Electrical Power
Standard Product
Insulgrip® style housing for superior gripping conforms to the user's hand making it easy to connect and disconnect, even with gloves on
Easily identifiable cable cut-off points for secure fit allows you to easily customize and cut the housing to the required/correct cable size
Rounded corners reduce the possibility of catching or snagging on structures or equipment
Non-conductive retaining screw locks contacts in place and allows for easy installation, prevents contact movement within housing
Recessed mounting screw minimizes screwdriver slippage
Lock symbol aids in the mating of devices and provides a clear indication that the devices are properly connected
With lock indicator symbol making mating clear and simple, devices can lock 180 deg to prevent unintended disconnects
Provides high contact pressure and vibration resistant connection, which helps reduce operating temperatures and extends product life
High conductivity brass contact provides improved performance by helping to reduce operating temperatures and extends life
Special screw thread requires fewer turns than most competitors and reduces the risk of a conductive screw being substituted
Extra long non-conductive inner sleeve reduces force required to install housing over contacts, easier to rotate contact in body for installing retaining screw
Engineered body design makes installation simple with no need for additional tools and the non-metallic retaining screw helps to make operation safe for all involved
Strip gauge molded into every plug and receptacle housing, simplifies installation and saves time
Indoor dry unless protected by additional means
Accommodates wide range of cables
-40 deg C without impact, -25 deg C with impact minimum continuous, 75 deg C maximum continuous