Raco® 695 Non-Gangable Masonry Box, Steel, 22.5 cu-in, 1 Gang, 1 Outlet, 16 Knockouts

Masonry Box
4646 MFG #: 695
17.59000 / ea
RACO is the United States' leading manufacturer of steel electrical boxes and covers. RACO manufactures and/or sells steel and plastic boxes used at outlets, switch locations and junction points. RACO also offers a broad line of metallic fittings, including rigid plastic conduit fittings, EMT (thinwall) fittings and liquid tight conduit fittings.
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Nongangable design available from one to six gang configurations in either 2-1/2" or 3-1/2" depths; rugged welded construction; standard 1/2" & 3/4" concentric knockouts; device ears formed inside the box, preventing mortar from getting in the device holes; standard wall plates cover box opening
Rugged welded design does not fall apart during construction
Available from one to six gang configurations in both 2-1/2 in and 3-1/2 in depth
Rectangular shape fits square cuts in block
Large volume design allows for additional work room inside the box
Device ears inside the box prevent mortar from getting in the device holes
Steel voltage partition No.971 fits all 2-1/2 in or 3-1/2 in depth
Standard wallplates can be used
Designed to accommodate the mounting of switches or other devices in masonry walls 2-1/2 in deep boxes are used in 4 in block walls, 3-1/2 in deep boxes are used in 6 in or 8 in block walls
Welded construction
Screw-on/nail-on mounting
Weided construction
Screw-on/Nail-On mounting