Raco® 239 Plenum Box With Conduit Knockouts, 30.3 cu-in, 17 Knockout, Steel

Steel Boxes
4403 MFG #: 239
4.55000 / ea
RACO® is the United States' leading manufacturer of steel electrical boxes and covers. RACO® manufactures and/or sells steel and plastic boxes used at outlets, switch locations and junction points. RACO® also offers a broad line of metallic fittings, including rigid plastic conduit fittings, EMT (thinwall) fittings and liquid tight conduit fittings.
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To maintain plenum seal, grounding and box mounting holes are not provided; must use RACO gasketed plenum cover #762 to maintain air tight seal
Drawn construction
RACO® plenum boxes are used in above ceiling applications where airtight enclosures are required
To maintain plenum seal, both RACO® 226 and 239 do not provide ground screw holes
Side knockouts: (8) 1/2 in, (4) 3/4 in
Bottom knockouts: (3) 1/2 in, (2) 3/4
Bottom knockouts: (3) 1/2 in, (2) 3/4