Raco® 231 Square Box With Conduit Knockouts, 30.3 cu-in, 13 Knockout, Steel

Square Boxes
4622 MFG #: 231
4.91000 / ea
RACO® is the United States' leading manufacturer of steel electrical boxes and covers. RACO® manufactures and/or sells steel and plastic boxes used at outlets, switch locations and junction points. RACO® also offers a broad line of metallic fittings, including rigid plastic conduit fittings, EMT (thinwall) fittings and liquid tight conduit fittings.
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For electrical application, lighting fixtures, switches or receptacles
Welded construction
Square boxes are used where multiple conductor runs are split into two or more directions to bring power to a number of electrical devices
Combination screw heads provide for faster installation
Red boxes, covers and extensions for dedicated life safety alarm circuits
With conduit knockouts
Combination cover screw heads provide for faster mudring/cover installation