Philips Fluorescent Lamp 54W 4' T5 HO 4100K G5 5000lm Dim 120-277V 290833 (Replaces 54W Conventional)

Warehouse Lamps
68234 MFG #: 290833
10.22000 / ea
For over 120 years, Philips has led the lighting industry, introducing innovative, energy efficient lighting solutions and building a trusted reputation for exceptional performance and reliability. As the industry continues to transform, so do we to meet the changing needs of our customers. We've streamlined our organization to enhance our customer experience, providing seamless service, while continuing to drive innovation with a complete portfolio of best-in-class products that represent the full depth, breadth and forward thinking that you can expect from an industry leader.
  • Features
Powerful, ultra-slim lamps
Philips T5 HO lamps are environmentally responsible, ultra-slim and have extraordinary light output and longer life
Reduces the impact on the environment with low mercury, energy efficiency, long life, and less material
95% lumen maintenance
Reduced maintenance and disposal costs
Long life for an extended relamping cycle
Up to 70% more lumens than standard T5 lamps
Only 1.4 mg of mercury, the lowest in the industry
With just 12 Picograms per lumen hours, these lamps allow for more design freedom and help exceed all LEED requirements
5000 lumens initial, 4750 lumens mean
25000 to 35000, 35000 to 40000 hr average life