Panduit® G2X4LG6 Type G Slotted Wall Wiring Duct, 0.31 in Wide Finger Slot, 2 in W x 4 in D, PVC

Slotted Wall Wiring Ducts
6330 MFG #: G2X4LG6
15.11000 / ft
The temporary protection film shall protect duct covers from damage during the installation process. The film shall be see-through, clear and peel away easily from the cover without leaving a sticky residue. The film shall provide a place for writing notes without allowing the ink to bleed through.
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(1) Type C Wiring Duct Cover with Protective Film Reduces Scrap and Labor Costs by Protecting the Surface during Storage, Handling, and Installation
Protects cover surface from scratches and grime during storage handling and installation, reduces scrap and labor costs
Ensures film will remain adhered during cutting and is easily removed without leaving a sticky residue, achieve faster installations for a clean, finished appearance
Reducing scrap and labor costs by protecting the surface during storage, handling and installation
Easy identification of product color when film is attached, ideal for quick and accurate product selection
Wide slot/finger design provides greater sidewall rigidity and can be used with a wide range of wire bundle sizes
122 deg F UL recognized continuous use temperature
UL 94 flammability rating of V-0
Provided with mounting holes
4500 psi tensile strength
600% elongation
Film remains adhered during cutting and is easily removed without leaving a sticky residue for faster and cleaner installations
Features a convenient writing surface for improved productivity
Conforms with NFPA 79-2007 section 13.3.1 requirement for flame retardant material
External dimension: 2-1/4 in W x 4.1 in D
Standard Mounting Holes
Lead-Free PVC