Ocal® Ocal® Blue™ UNF205-G 3-Piece Explosionproof Conduit Union, 3/4 in, Electrogalvanized Steel, PVC Coated

Explosion Proof Conduit Unions
38763 MFG #: UNF205-G
95.03000 / ea
Outstanding performance in corrosive environments, Ocal® PVC coated conduit and fittings extend the life of your electrical system for many years beyond the lifespan of standard rigid conduit systems.
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To Connect Conduit to Conduit, or to Provide a Means for Future Modification of the Conduit System
Compact Design Which Permits Assembly with a Minimum of Clearance to Other Adjacent Conduit and/or Equipment
Install in threaded thick wall conduit systems in hazardous areas
Pressure sealing sleeves protect connections
Use UNF female unions to connect conduit to conduit or to provide means for future modifications to the conduit system
Compact design which permits assembly with a minimum of clearance to other adjacent conduit and/or equipment
Double coated with a nominal 0.002 in blue urethane on both the interior and exterior before PVC coating is applied
Made of Electrogalvanized Steel