Wireway Troughs & Gutters
608281 MFG #: 6624-4XSWT
1519.97000 / ea
B-Line is a leading manufacturer of quality support systems and enclosures for the electrical, mechanical and communications industries. Our products include bolted framing, strut systems and fittings, cable tray, cable management, comm/data equipment, cabinets, enclosures and metering devices, as well as pipe hangers and mechanical supports. Our product lines are manufactured in modern facilities throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and are used in a variety of applications in the commercial, industrial, utility and OEM markets.
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Control and Power Cable
Wireway body and cover are fabricated from 14 ga 304 stainless steel
All continuous welded seams are finished smooth
Cover is secured to the wireway body with semi-hinges on one side and easy-to-operate screw clamps mounted to the opposite side
Two chains hold cover to the body when screw clamps are released
Cover has a seamless poured in place gasket
External mounting feet are provided for wall mounting
14 ga 304 stainless steel