Mohawk M9B039 FIBER OPTIC CABLE,0.22

Fiber Optic Riser Rated Cables
PDW~10904350 MFG #: M9B039
0.00000 / ea
Grade 2 OM1 Distribution Riser Fiber Optic Cable, Outside Diameter: 0.22 IN, Fiber Type: Buffered, Fiber Size: 900 UM, Number Of Fibers: 6, Wavelength: Operating: 850/1300 NMTR, Attenuation: 3.5/1.25 DB/KM Maximum Tight Buffered, Bandwidth: 200/500 MHZ- KM (Minimum Overfilled Launch), 220/500 MHZ- KM (Minimum Laser Effective Modal), Temperature Rating: Operating: -20 To 70 DEG C, Installation: -10 To 60 DEG C, Storage: -40 To 80 DEG C, Bend Radius: Short Term: 3.3 IN , Long Term: 2.2 IN, Jacket Material: Thermoplastic, Color: Orange, Maximum Load: 270 LB Installation, C/US UL Type OFNR/OFN FT4, RoHS Compliant, For Intra Building Backbone, Work Area And Computer Room Cabling