Mitutoyo 513-442 513 Horizontal 20 deg Tilted Face Inch Plus Set Dial Test Indicator With Revolution Counter, 0.06 in

Dial Test Indicators
PDW~10219514 MFG #: 513-442
176.00000 / ea
Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator, Horizontal 20 deg Tilted Face Inch Plus Set, Series: 513, 0.06 in, 0-15-0 Dial, Graduations: 0.0005 in, White Dial, Bezel
  • Features
The dial face obliquely faces upward, allowing users to read the graduations from the user's side
It is convenient when probing on the side of a large workpiece and the workbench is high
Using the universal holder allows easy hole centering
The dial face always faces upward when the indicator is rotated, which makes reading easy