Mitutoyo 122-126 122 Imperial Type A Blade Micrometer, 1 to 2 in, Graduation 0.00005 in, LCD, Steel Point, Enamel""

Specialty Micrometers
PDW~10217062 MFG #: 122-126
315.00000 / ea
Mitutoyo Blade Micrometer, Imperial Type A, Series: 122, 1 to 2 in, +/-0.00015 in Accuracy, Graduations: 0.00005 in, 0.0001 in Resolution, Blade Anvil, Blade Spindle, 0.75 mm Spindle Dia, Ratchet Stop Thimble, LCD Display, SR44 Battery, Steel Point, Enamel
  • Features
The anvil and the spindle have a blade for measuring the groove diameter of shafts, keyways, and other hard to reach areas
With ratchet stop for constant force
Speedy spindle feed of 10 mm /0.4 in/rev(Quickmike type)
With a standard bar except 0 to 25 mm and 0 to 1 in mode
Supplied in fitted plastic case