Milwaukee® 49-57-0038, 1/2 in Dia x 2-3/4 in L, High Carbon Steel

670696 MFG #: 49-57-0038
12.60000 / ea

Our line of step drill bits far surpasses the competition. With our single cutting edge design, you will have more control and a cleaner finish. Made of high speed steel, these new step drill bits are durable and designed to drill through most metals. The black oxide finish prevents corrosion and has great capacity to work with drilling lubricants. The new speed start tip prevents bit walking and allows faster penetration. With laser etched markings you will always know your hole sizes. . . No guess work! Finally, the 3-flat shank prevents slipping in the chuck.
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For general cutting
For arbor 49-57-0035 which can be used for both steel plate and sheet metal carbide tipped hole saws
This bit is standard equipment with arbor 49-57-0035
2-3/4 IN Length