Milwaukee® 48-44-0410 M12™ Cable Cutter Blade, For Use With 2472 600 kcmil Cable Cutter, Hardened Steel

Cable & Wire Cutters
678498 MFG #: 48-44-0410
135.22000 / ea
The Milwaukee® M12™ 600 kcmil cable cutter blade produces clean, installation ready cuts in a variety of cable and wire sizes. This blade features superior geometry so you can cut effortlessly through 600 kcmil copper and 750 kcmil aluminum as well as many smaller and more common wire types. Its design allows for more tight access cuts.
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For 600 kcmil copper and 750 kcmil aluminum cable
Installation ready performance superior blade geometry delivers clean, round holes
Versatile cuts large diameter cable and smaller, more common wire types
Tight access design effectively makes cuts in hard to reach areas
For use with Model No. 2472-21XC (26X067) Cable Cutter Kit, 2472-20 (26X068) Cable Cutter (Bare Tool)
Tight access cuts