Milbank® U3802 Non-Fusible Air-Conditioner Disconnect, 240 VAC, 60 A, 10 hp, 2 Poles

Air-Conditioner Disconnects
551676 MFG #: U3802
27.74000 / ea
Milbank® Air-conditioner disconnects have a removable hinged cover which makes wiring a breeze. Our compact design meets all wire bending space requirements in the NEC and complies with article 440-14 in the NEC. To ensure the safest conditions, we designed our disconnect pullers to be removable, or they may be reinstalled in the off position. Another safety feature is the padlock provision on the front cover. As with all Milbank® products, our enclosure is constructed of G90U galvanized steel and finished with an attractive, light gray, baked powder coating. Our advanced finish combines epoxy and polyester hybrid resins into a hybrid powder coating which is then ectrostatically applied. This offers a durable, non-fading finish.
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Metering Accessory
10 Horse Power
Knockouts conduit connection
Pull out connection