Micron G002K1KF1A02 Type 1E Encapsulated General Purpose Transformer, 240x480 VAC Primary, 120/240 VAC Secondary, 60 Hz

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658632 MFG #: G002K1KF1A02
724.27000 / ea
Single Phase Type 1-E Encapsulated Type 1-E general purpose transformers are single phase, resin encapsulated designs suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. It's totally enclosed, non-ventilated enclosure make it ideally suited for use in areas that contain dust, moisture, or corrosive fumes. Available in ratings through 25 KVA type 1-E transformers can be mounted in any position for indoor installations and in upright positions only for outdoor installations.
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Micron standard dry type distribution transformers are designed for 60 Hz operation
Transformers required for other frequencies must be specifically designed