Meltric Decontactor™ 63-34043 DSN20 Female Pin and Sleeve Receptacle, 480 VAC, 30 A, 3 Poles, 4 Wires, Blue

Pin & Sleeve
145564 MFG #: 63-34043
289.00000 / ea
DSN Series products are switch and hp rated for quick, safe equipment changeouts. DSN's are ideal for wet environments since they offer Type 4X watertightness as soon as the plug is latched to the receptacle or as soon as the receptacle lid is closed.
  • Features
Features: Switch Ratings (AC Only): Branch Circuit & Motor Circuit Disconnect Switching; Short Circuit Rating: 100 KILO AMP Close & Withstand Testing Was Performed With RK1 Current Limiting Fuses Sized At 400 PEC Of The Highest Full Load Motor Ampacity Associated With The Devices HP Rating; Horsepower Ratings: 10 HP AT 3 PH, 480 V; Polarity: 3P+G
Branch circuit and motor circuit disconnect switching switch-rating (AC only)
Testing was performed with RK1 current limiting fuses sized at 400% of the highest full load motor ampacity associated with the devices hp rating short circuit rating 100 kA close and withstand
Minimum 14 AWG maximum 12 AWG wiring capacity
Patented design assures tighten and forget confidence spring assisted screw terminal
Ensures optimal contact force and superior electrical performance over thousands of operations spring loaded butt-style contacts
Provides additional protection from harsh environments lid
Press to deenergize provides push button circuit disconnection off button
Assures safety by preventing user access to live parts dead front safety shutter