McGill® 158C Lamp Changer Head With Garter Spring, E-37, BT-37, BT-46, ED-37 Incandescent Lamp, 400 to 700 W Lamp

Lamp Changers
1888 MFG #: 158C
174.83000 / ea
McGill® Lamp Changer Head, Incandescent Lamp, E-37, BT-37, BT-46, ED-37 Lamp, 400 to 700 W Lamp, For Use With: McGill 160P Pole, Synthetic Rubber
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  • Features
Makes hard to reach lamps easily replaceable without ladders and platforms
Changer head only,Changes lamps up to 25'. Poles sold separately. 400-700 (mercury) 400 - 1000 (metal Halide)
Changes lamps up to 7.6 m (25 ft) height
Rubber covered fingers with garter springs make changing a variety of lamp types simple
Hard to reach lamps are easily replaced without using ladders or platforms
A variety of styles and sizes is available to fit practically all commonly used lamps
Garter spring grips lamps firmly
Lightweight for ease of use and convenience
Insulated to help protect against shock
Incandescent, mercury, metal halide and sodium lamps