Maxis™ Pro-Jax™ 56824501 Reel Stand, 48 in Reel, 3000 lb Load

PDW~11231411 MFG #: 56824501
622.00000 / ea
Maxis™ Pro-Jax™ Reel Stand, 48 in, 3000 lb, Powder Coated
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48 reel capacity
One person can easily transport through most jobsite environments
Minimum drill recommendations, 18 VDC cordless, equivalent of 1000 in-lb torque rated, for reels 10000 lb
Easy adjustment for uneven surfaces on jobsite
Axle rests on steel rollers for easy wire pay off
Axle safety guard ensures that reel will not fall off of jack stands
On board Southwire® PROJAX™ axle holder
Uses either a 1-1/2 to 2 in rigid pipe for an axle
Works on reels up to 48 in tall