Maxis™ Grips™ 56822701 Double Lock Pulling System, 1/0 AWG to 750 kcmil, 4000 lb Load, Metallic

Cable Pulling & Support Grips
PDW~11231403 MFG #: 56822701
3087.00000 / ea
Maxis™ Grips™ Double Lock Pulling System, 1/0 AWG to 750 kcmil Cable, 4000 lb, Metallic
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Double lock system
Holds securely to NO-LUBE® wire
Disconnect wire from pulling heads in 2 minutes without cutting the wire
No cutting, stripping or weaving of wire to make pulling head
Easily moves through conduit and around 90 deg bends
Staggered lengths for easier movement
Keeps pulling head tight for easier movement through conduit
Dual lock pulling system using both a cam lock head and a double braided wire to quickly secure cable to rope without the fear of losing a conductor
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