Max Punch Pro® MP01SDPRO Knockout Tool Kit, Stainless Steel

Cordless Knockout Punch Drivers
PDW~7495770 MFG #: MP01SDPRO
1683.50000 / ea
Max Punch Pro® Knockout Tool Kit, Kit, Stainless Steel Housing, 16.5 in L x 13 in W x 11 in D
  • Features
Knockout tool used with a cordless drill to draw punch dies together for quick, accurate knockouts
Heavy duty cutting cuts through 10 gauge steel (3.5mm) as well as aluminum, fiberglass and plastics
Quicker smoother cut will not bow panel or leave jagged edges
No hydraulics, no ratcheting, no mess
Thread-in / thread-out removable drawstuds (universal to fit most common kop dies)
Minimum drill recommendations 18V cordless, equivalent of 550 in-lb torque rated