Marrette® 330-BP XTP High Quality Twist-On Wire Connector, Non-Winged Shell, Live Action Spring, 22 to 14 AWG

Wire Connectors
69735 MFG #: 330-BP
T&B® (Thomas & Betts)
92.57000 / ea
Marrette® invented the pressure wire connector in 1914 and remains the class of the field and the standard by which all pressure wire connectors are judged.
  • Features
The only wire connector to offer a non-winged, variable-volume live-action spring in the connector.
Wire connector to offer a non-winged, variable-volume live-action spring in the connector
Deep, wide throat ensures full insulation coverage
Threaded entry helps guide large wire bundles into the spring chamber
Exclusive live action variable volume spring expands to accommodate more wires with less twisting effort, compared to other connectors with a fixed spring design
Handles broader range of wire connection combinations
Connectors finger friendly design offers a truer grip for less hand fatigue during repeated use
High grade tough, durable polypropylene outer shell prevents blooming or blossoming of the connector sidewall and unique copper-coated spring helps resist corrosion
Outer shell maintains a constant moisture level, reducing the likelihood of the connector becoming dry, brittle and subsequently cracked due to extreme heat or cold
Coated with 100% pure copper, which reduces the corrosion common to tin- and zinc-coated products
Posi-Grip® surface combines a matte finish with closely spaced, deep grooves for superior twisting power, even when hands are greasy or damp
Color coded for quick and easy size selection
Round wire spring construction that gives a positive conductor bite
(1) 22 AWG, (1) 20 AWG, (3) 16 AWG wire combinations