Maestro® MSCELV-600M-MN Electronic Low Voltage Digital Fade Dimmer, 120 VAC

Lighting Control Systems
281208 MFG #: MSCELV-600M-MN
354.43000 / ea
Maestro® Digital Fade Dimmer, Electronic Low Voltage, 120 VAC, 0 to 40 deg C, Plastic, Satin, Midnight, 4.69 in H x 2.94 in W x 0.3 in D
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Lighting Control
Controls 600 W electronic low-voltage loads. Provides true dimming from each location (with companion dimmers).
True multi-location dimming from every location
Touch rocker to adjust light level
Use the IR (infrared) remote control to adjust lights from anywhere in the room-up to 30ft line-of-sight
Tap on to favorite level, tap off, tap twice for full on
600 W maximum capacity
LEDs indicate light level and glow softly in the dark as a locator light
Delayed off provides light as you exit the room
Line frequency compensation maintains stable light levels, despite power line frequency and voltage variations
Mechanical air-gap to disconnect load power
Programming allows customized functions
100% factory tested
All models fit in 1-gang electrical backbox
Multi-location, single pole