Maestro® MRF2-3LD-WH MRF2-3LD 1-Pole Wireless Lamp Dimmer, Tap On/Off, 120 VAC, 30/60/100 ft, Incandescent/Halogen Lamp

Wireless Dimmers
606580 MFG #: MRF2-3LD-WH
138.12000 / ea
Maestro® wireless technology offers impressive lighting control functionality and convenience that will fit almost any commercial or residential application. The Pico® wireless control and radio Powr Savr™ sensors give the system even greater flexibility, plus the added benefit of improved energy savings. The system is incredibly easy to install and operate, allowing you to control lighting levels with any combination of up to 10 dimmers, switches, sensors and wireless controls all with the touch of a button.
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Lighting Control
Controls 300 W incandescent or halogen loads. Incorporates advanced Maestro dimmer features such as fade on/fade off, delayed long fade off, and rapid full on. Tap on the preset level; tap off; tap twice for full on. Touch rocker to adjust light level.
Green indicator lights
Power failure memory should power be interrupted, the lights will return to their previously set level prior to the interruption when power is restored
6 ft cord length
On a single tap, lights fade up or down
On a double tap, lights go to full on
When on, press and hold to engage 20 sec fade to off
Light levels can be fine-tuned by pressing and holding the raise/lower rocker until the desired light level is reached
Maestro® wireless local controls must be located within 60 ft line of sight or 30 ft through walls, of radio power Saver sensors
Maestro® wireless local controls must be located within 100 ft line of sight or 30 ft through walls, of a Pico wireless control