M.A. Ford® Uniflute® 64100002 64 Series, 4 Pieces, 1 Flute, HSS

Countersink Sets
PDW~7304422 MFG #: 64100002
M.A. Ford®
106.39000 / ea
All M.A. Ford® HSS countersinks are heat treated in an electronically controlled vacuum furnace. This assures precise hardening and eliminates the possibility of decarburization. All heat treating is done in our own facilities for maximum control and assurance of desired hardness and toughness. Most M.A. Ford® HSS countersinks receive an additional heat treat process known as the Steam Homogeneous Process. This process is like a final tempering, relieving internal grinding stresses. The result is a much tougher cutting edge that stays sharper, longer. Additionally, the Steam Homogeneous Process provides a tough, hard, porous oxide film on the tool that is sufficient enough to retain cutting oil, further reducing frictional heat and extending tool life.
  • Features


  • Self piloting, completely chatterless.
  • No secondary burrs formed.
  • Steam homo surface treatment (blackening) to prolong tool life and prevent galling.
Self piloting and completely chatterless
No secondary burs formed
Each size may be used on a wide range of hole diameters
Use on machine tool or in handheld tool applications
Easily resharpened
Steam homogeneous surface treatment (blackening) to prolong tool life and prevent galling
Applicable for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, special alloys, 35-65Rc hardened steel and non-ferrous metals
Heat treated countersinks deliver increased productivity and tool life