M.A. Ford® TuffCut® GP 14050000A Ball Nose Center Cutting End Mill, 1/2 in, 1 in Max Depth of Cut, 4 Flutes, 1/2 in Shank, 3 in OAL

Ball End Mills
1064096 MFG #: 14050000A
M.A. Ford®
60.52000 / ea
M.A. Ford® TuffCut® End Mills perform better and last significantly longer than competitive products, minimizing process downtime and maximizing productivity and cost efficiency. Included in our product line are high performance end mills developed for specific applications such as stainless steels and high temperature alloys, hardened steel, titanium, composite material, aluminum and softer alloys.
  • Features
Manufactured with a full ball radius end
Designed for milling fillets or similar rounded corners in the bottom of a cut
Applicable for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, special alloys, 35-65Rc hardened steel and non-ferrous metals
Whisper blend transition between OD and neck
Reduced vibration harmonics
Improved part finishes
Maintains cutting edge strength and sharpness for improved tool life
Slotting at 1X Dia deep
ALtima® is the original high performance coating
This coating allows tools to be run at higher speeds and feeds in a wide array of materials
Also, it allows the option of running tools dry due to the high oxidation temperature of the coating
+0.000/-0.003 mm tolerance h10
3100 HV microhardness
2012 deg F maximum service
0.42 friction coefficient