M.A. Ford® CDACR Regular Length High Performance Drill Bit With Coolant Fed, 7.7 mm Dia x 91 mm L, Carbide

Jobber Length Drill Bits
1039825 MFG #: CDACRM0770
M.A. Ford®
98.48000 / ea
M.A. Ford® Cyclone High Performance Drill Bit, Regular Length, Series: CDACR, 7.7 mm Dia, 91 mm Overall Length, 5XD Cutting Depth, 2 Flutes, 53 mm Flute Length, 8 mm Shank, 140/142 deg Point, Lower Thrust Point, Carbide Cutting Edge, Carbide, Applicable Materials: Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Materials
  • Features
Lower thrust point geometry
Enhanced double margin design
Reduced cutting forces allowing for heavier feed rates
Improved performance in non-ferrous materials
Back margin location allows for quicker engagement in hole
Improved hole finishes
Improved location when drilling through cross holes
Higher heat resistance means higher speed and feed capabilities