M.A. Ford® 2XDCR2610A Twister® XD/2XDCR Extreme High Performance Drill, G, 3.58 in L, Solid Carbide, ALtima® Coated

Jobber Length Drill Bits
PDW~7302219 MFG #: 2XDCR2610A
M.A. Ford®
97.66000 / ea
M.A. Ford® High Performance Drill, Extreme, Series: Twister® XD/2XDCR, G, 3.58 in Overall Length, 5XD Cutting Depth, Spiral Flute, 1.89 in Flute Length, 5/16 in Shank, Straight Shank, 142 deg Point, Standard Point, Right Hand Cutting, Solid Carbide Cutting Edge, Solid Carbide, ALtima® Coated, Applicable Materials: Cast Iron, Hardened Steel, Special Alloy, Stainless Steel, Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal Materials
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For high performance drilling in a broad range of materials
Advanced active cut geometric designRedefined critical cut zone characteristicsHigh efficiency flute profileState-of-the-art proprietary coatingStable low thrust point formExtended tool lifeElevated metal removal rates (MRR)Lower cost per holeImproved hole/part qualityIncreased tool reliabilityFactory trained network of application and technical specialistsFactory reconditioning serviceIdeal platform for modification or an engineered special toolCompatibility to a wide range of standard toolholder systems
Stable low thrust point form
Solid carbide provides better rigidity than high speed steel, it is extremely heat resistant and used for high speed applications on cast iron, non-ferrous materials, plastics and other tough-to-machine materialsspiral flutes are constructed of a higher flute angle to remove chips easier
Coolant fed through
30 deg Helix angle
Tapered web configurationadvanced active cut geometric design
Redefined critical cut zone characteristics
State-of-the-art proprietary coating
Extended tool life, elevated metal removal rates (MRR), lower cost per hole, improved hole/part quality, increased tool reliability
Factory trained network of application and technical specialists, factory reconditioning service
Ideal platform for modification or an engineered "special" toolcompatibility to a wide range of standard tool holder systems