Lutron® QSWS2-2BRLN-WH SeeTouch™ QS Quantum® GRAFIK Eye® QS QSWS2 2-Button Raise/Lower Non-Insert Wall Switch Station, 24 to 36 VDC

Wall Switch Stations
776771 MFG #: QSWS2-2BRLN-WH
537.46000 / ea
For an easy and efficient way to control both electric light and daylight, look to GRAFIK Eye® QS. Fully customizable, GRAFIK Eye® QS adjusts lights and shades for any task or activity at the touch of a button. Control any load, from screw in led bulbs to EcoSystem® led drivers, with premium dimming performance and no need for an additional interface. GRAFIK Eye® QS allows you to meet your aesthetic, functional and regulatory needs for any project or space.
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Lighting and Shade Control
2-Button Wall Station with Raise/Lower, non insert model
Offers toggle functionality for any combination of zones ) in the system
Receives up to two contact closure inputs via a connector on the back of the wall station
Large, rounded buttons are easy to use
Backlit buttons with optional engraving make it easy to find and operate the wall station in low light conditions
Optional button engraving is angled up to the eye for easy reading
The LEDs next to each button are used during programming and provide feedback when the buttons are pressed