Lutron® Claro® CW-2-AL WALLPLATE 2 GNG AL

65384 MFG #: CW-2-AL
10.00000 / ea
Contemporary settings demand the soft corners, fashionable colors and tasteful textures provided by designer style wallplates and accessories.
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For use with Maestro®, Maestro IR®, Maestro Wireless®, Pico™ wireless control, Spacer System®, Diva®, Lyneo® Lx, Skylark®, MeadowLark® dimmers and switches
All Lutron® wallplates are screwless, seamless and have no visible hardware and front plate securely snaps into the alignment adapter plate
Full line of wiring devices in designer style opening
Requires fins to be removed from dimmers for proper spacing ("fins broken" ganging)
May require derating (reduction of dimmer capacity due to fin removal)
For two Maestro, Maestro IR, Vive Maestro Wireless, Maestro Wireless, Caseta Wireless, Pico Wireless, Diva, Skylark Contour, Skylark, and Lumea controls and Claro and Satin Colors accessories