Louisville® FM1416HD FM1400HD Type IAA Non-Conductive Twin Front Step Ladder, 16 ft H Ladder, 375 lb Load, Fiberglass

1160626 MFG #: FM1416HD
813.00000 / ea
Louisville® Step Ladder, Type IAA Non-Conductive Twin Front, Series: FM1400HD, 16 ft Ladder Height, 375 lb, ANSI Code: A14.5, Fiberglass, 113-3/8 in Base Spread, 34-1/2 in Bottom Width, Anti-Slip Tread
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MRO and Industrial Construction
3 in rung
DaBoot for slip resistant footing
Heavy gauge steel hinges
Inside spreader braces
Riveted step construction
Actual cubic ft 23.600 cu-ft
Heavy duty gusset bracing
The duty rating is per side
Standard step rung
3 in step depth
11 ft 5 in H maximum standing
17 ft 10 in maximum reach
169-1/4 in H x 34-1/2 in W x 8-5/8 in D closed dimension
29-1/7 in closed cubic feet
Features: Da Boot For Slip Resistant Footing; Heavy Gauge Steel Hinges; Inside Spreader Braces; Heavy Duty Gusset Bracing; Riveted Step Construction; Series: FM1400HD; Actual Cubic Ft: 23.600 CU-ft; Approx. Spread: 111-1/2 IN