Littelfuse® Slo-Blo® 02153.15MXP Time Delay Cartridge Fuse, 3.15 A, 250 VAC, 1.5 kA, Cartridge Body

Cartridge Fuses
PDW~9971105 MFG #: 02153.15MXP
3.60000 / ea
The 215 series is 5 x 20, ceramic body, Time-Lag type cartridge fuse. With the extension into higher current ratings beyond existing 12 A, from 15 A up to 25 A in cartridge version, in particular for 20 A and 25 A, it offers designers better flexibility in circuit protection design for high current applications. The 215 series has remarkable interrupting capability at operating voltage of 250 VAC. In addition, it can be used in AC applications and it provides a smaller footprint of 5 x 20 mm as compared to 6.3 x 32 mm for same applications.
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electronic equipment & appliances
Designed to international IEC standards for use globally
High breaking capacity
Meets the IEC 60127-2, sheet 5 specification for time lag fuses
Offer high ampere ratings
Provide remarkable interrupting capacity
60 min at 150%, 30 min at 210%, 0.75 to 0.8 s at 275%, 0.095 to 5 s at 400%, 0.01 to 0.15 s at 1000% response time