Littelfuse® SSAC® TDB120AL Time Delay Relay, 1 to 1023 s Time Setting, 120 VAC, 8 Pins, SPDT/NO-NC (1 Form C) Contact Form

Timing Relays - Fixed Mode Operation
1112111 MFG #: TDB120AL
149.04000 / ea
The TDB series combines accurate digital circuitry with isolated, 10 A, DPDT or SPDT contacts in an 8-pin or 11-pin plug-in package. The TDB series features DIP switch selectable time delays ranging from 0.1 to 10230 s in three ranges. The TDB series is the product of choice for custom control panel and OEM designers.
  • Features
3 time ranges available (0.1 s to 2.8 hr) makes it versatile for use in many applications
Microcontroller based repeat accuracy +/-0.1% or 20 ms, whichever is greater, setting accuracy +/-2% or 50 ms, whichever is greater
LED indication provide visual indication of relay status
DIP switch adjustment provide first time setting accuracy
Isolated output contacts allows control of loads for AC or DC voltages