Littelfuse® SPF010 POWR-GARD® SPF Fast Acting Solar Fuse, 10 A, 1000 VDC, 20 kA, Class Midget, Cylinder Body

Midget Fuses
657936 MFG #: SPF010
40.43000 / ea
SPF Solar Protection Fuse series has been specifically designed for the protection of photovoltaic (PV) systems. This family of midget style fuses (10x38 mm) can safely protect PV (photovoltaic) modules and conductors from reverse over current conditions. As PV systems have grown in size, so have the corresponding voltage requirements. This increase in system voltage has typically been intended to minimize power loss associated with long conductor runs. Standard circuit protection devices are not designed to completely protect photovoltaic panels. However, the SPF series is UL Listed to safely interrupt faulted circuits up to this demanding voltage level. Littelfuse offers various ampere ratings to match specific requirements in a variety of applications.
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1000 VDC PV
5AG size fuse
5 sec minimum delay for fuses rated at 3 A or less and 12 sec for fuses rated more than 3 A at 200% fuse rating
Nickel plated copper alloy caps
Time constant less than 2 ms
Both PCB mount and dead-front holder options available
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