Littelfuse® SLC050 POWR-GARD® SLC Current Limiting Medium Acting Time Delay Fuse, 50 A, 480 VAC, 100 kA Interrupt, Class G

Class G Fuses
403698 MFG #: SLC050
20.59000 / ea
The unique design of Littelfuse™s compact SLC series Class G fuses provide additional time-delay over competitive products which increases system reliability. Compact Class G fuses were the first fuse series to approach midget fuse dimensions and meet NEC requirements for branch-circuit protection. The unique dimensions of SLC series Class G fuses prevents insertion of lower voltage fuses in Class G fuse holders. The fuse™s varying length prevents insertion of higher ampere rated fuses in fuse holders designed for lower ampere ratings. Class CC fuses are replacing Class G fuses in many new designs. Class CC fuses™ superior time delay plus higher voltage and interrupting ratings meet the needs of modern circuits. Littelfuse™s introduction of POWR-PRO® CCMR series fuses, with ratings up to 60 Amperes for providing branch circuit protection, are accelerating this trend.
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Branch Circuit
Current limiting design reduces damage to equipment caused by heating and magnetic effects of short circuit currents
Medium time-delay allows fuses to be sized closer to actual equipment requirements no need to greatly oversize to withstand harmless equipment or system surges
Medium time-delay may reduce downtime caused by power surges or equipment demands
100 kA at 480 VAC interrupting rating