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Adjustable Time Delay
Adjustable pickup (1 to 99%) trip setting based on input CT primary, allows use with any CT, minimum 50 mA with EFCT series
Adjustable time delay (50 ms to 2.5 s) - adjustable trip delay allows quick protection and system coordination
Form A and form B ground fault output contacts for operation of separate annunciation and trip circuits
Analog output (0 to 5 VDC) allows for connecting an optional meter (PGA-0500) or a control system
CT-loop monitoring - alarms when CT is not connected
Selectable DFT or peak detection filtering compatible with variable-speed drives
Harmonic filtering eliminates nuisance tripping
Non-volatile trip memory retains trip state when de-energized to simplify troubleshooting
No calibration required, saves on maintenance cost
Universal power supply allows operation in application where one side of PT is faulted, provides flexibility for numerous applications