Littelfuse® POWR-GARD® LFT600301C Non-Indicating Fuse Block, 600 VAC, 30 A, Class T, 4 to 2 AWG, 14 to 6 AWG Al/Cu Wire, 1 Pole

Power Fuse Blocks
898270 MFG #: LFT600301C
19.16000 / ea
The new Littelfuse® class T fuse blocks offer many advantages over previous generations that are noted in the features and benefits section. Of particular value is the space savings these new blocks provide.
  • Features
Universal mounting holes
Compact design means increased space savings
DIN rail releasable for all 30 to 60 A fuse blocks
Only 1-hand is required to release from DIN rail (lock open lock closed)
Molded phenolic base
Steel reinforcing springs supplied as standard in order to provide low resistance connection and long-range reliability
Larger blocks employ integral heat sink for maximum heat dissipation
Universal mounting holes make for easy replacement
Solid/stranded wire